[Raider]/[Casual] Anathen, Frost/Blood Deathknight

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[Raider]/[Casual] Anathen, Frost/Blood Deathknight

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Character Information
Name: Anathen
Class & Primary Spec: Deathknight, frost
Secondary Spec?: Blood
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/s ... hen/simple
World of Logs/WOW Web Stats link:

How long have you played this character at level 90?
Not sure, can't really check now that there is a new level cap, but at least 3 days play time
Do you have any level 80+ alts? If so, what classes?
85 Priest (Shadow/Holy; Anyth)

What are your two primary professions?
Blacksmith & Miner

What are your relevant, self buffed, raiding gear stats?
N/A atm, in process of leveling
What are your relevant, self buffed stats in your alternate spec(s)?
N/A atm, in process of leveling

Summarize Raid Experience: (Experience is across several characters over lifetime)
Vanilla: MC, BWL
BC: karazhan, Magtheridon, Gruul, SC,
LK: Vault, Nax, OS, Uld, Ony, ToC, IC
Cata: BH, BD (Heroic & Norm), BoT (Heroic & Norm), TFW (Heroic & Norm), Firelands (Norm & Heroic), Dragon Soul (LFR)
Mists: MV, HoF, TES, Siege (All LFR unfortunately)

Guild Information
Current guild and reason for leaving:
Leadership positions in your previous guilds?

Why do you want to join DWP?
I'm looking for a guild that I can experience the end game, aside from LFR & LFG. I remember back when I was on ShC and part of DWP that it had good people, and since I'm switching back to ShC it would be nice to have a good set of people to do stuff with it, raid, instance, whatever.
Why should DWP accept you?
I have experience from vanilla - warlords, and over the years I've raided as a tank, healer, and DPS. I do my best to read up on raids & current "best" builds for my class so that I contribute to the group. Furthermore, I do my best to stick with the raid schedule & if I have to miss a night I inform the group ahead of time.
Do you know someone in DWP?
Once upon a time I was part of DWP, only ones I remember (and of F-list) are Rezzyk, Vadriah & Kranok
Where did you hear about us? What website if any?

Raid Information
Do you have Ventrilo, a boss timer (DBM/BigWigs/DXE) and Omen installed?
Do you have a working mic? If not, why?
Not atm, in process of buying one; recently built my computer

Consumables and reagents are mandatory for progression content. What do you bring to every raid?
When I reach appropriate cooking level, I bring buff foods

What nights can you raid from 6:00pm to 9:00pm server time?
Would you have a problem being asked to stay 30 minutes past raid time?
Do you anticipate your schedule to change anytime soon?
Not anytime soon
Are there any days you cannot play at all?
Ideally, how many nights a week would you like to raid?

Do you have time to farm the necessary consumables and repair money?

Pop Quiz
Why do you play WOW? What keeps you playing?
What motivates you most about raiding?

Do you own a microwave? Does it impair your internet connection?
yes & no

Real Information
Real Life Age: 25
Real Life Location: MD
Are you gainfully employed? Doing what?
Not right now, I am currently in the process of a career/job change so I am back in school while applying for work.

Any last words?
My recent raid experience has been limited to LFR as the guild I was in stopped raiding after a bunch of people left the game. I have also been bouncing between having an active and inactive account, but that has been do to not having people to play with.


1. Do you know anyone in Enigma?
2. Why do you want to lower yourself to Deepwater Pirates?
Running around by yourself sucks, always good to have people to play with.
3. How many parts are there to Captain Planet?
5, but heart seems like a useless power (unless you're evil, then MC the crap out of people)
4. The Krusty Krab Pizza, is the pizza for?
you and me!
5. In which season and episode is DWP featured in King of the Hill?
No idea
6. Are you a ginger?
7. Are you a Bronie?
No, but heard good things about the show
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Re: [Raider]/[Casual] Anathen, Frost/Blood Deathknight

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Small update: hit 100 a few days ago and currently ilvl 612.
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